Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pyromancer ! step 05 : power-ups

Embers... Embers everywhere!

Still only one spell (fireball), but you can make it really versatile thanks to power-ups.
Left-click : standard fireball
Hold left mouse button : incandescent fireball which sets fire to any creature getting to close. At high level, can easily be used to block passages.
Hold right mouse button : the fireball projects deadly live embers. Pretty impressive at high level, where embers can go through creatures and bounce against walls...

I also added multi-font support (8x8 / 10x10 or 12x12). You can change the font with numpad +/-.

Known bug : sometimes, levels parts are not connected, which is really annoying when the stairs are on the other side...

Binary downloads (windows/linux) :

Source code :

Next release :
  • add a final boss and a victory screen
Possible bonuses :
  • balance the spells
  • improve embers projections direction when the fireball hits a wall
Impossible bonuses (don't count on them for the 7DRL release...) :
  • destructable ground/walls
  • fire burst should project creatures around and stun them against walls
  • improve pathfinding and AI
  • more creatures, more spells, more items...