Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Evil always win

I've always been a google fan. Most of the sites related to Doryen are powered with google services, the blog, the main site, the subversion repositories... Google had two main characteristics that are uncommon in business world, and especially in software companies :
  • technical excellence serving simplicity
  • "Don't be evil" mantra
Yet, for a few years, google has been criticized. Some even claiming that google was the new evil empire. I never agreed with that. I find the whole "Big brother" cabal a bit paranoiac, because the data gathered is really used to enhanced the user experience.

Well at least, that was what I was thinking a few months ago. Then, they released a bugged browser stuffed with spywares, and they finally crossed the red line...

So if the big brother stuff behind adsense is supposed to provide relevant ads, what's the link between me or IT performance metrics and a religious organization ? And even better, why a so called non evil company is giving a definitely evil organization publicity ?

I'm probably overreacting, but I can put up with it anymore. Apparently, evil always win. We live in a sad world...

Anyway, I cease any activity on Doryen projects until I have a non google replacement for every service I need.

PS : the fonts in this post are completely broken because I posted it first with Chrome... never been able to fix them with firefox then...