Saturday, March 07, 2009

pyromancer ! 0.1 released

Epic boss fight...

I won't be able to work on it tomorrow so this is the final release for the 2009 7DRL contest. What was changed since step 05 :
  • an introductory screen
  • a final fight with a boss in the last level
  • stats in death/victory screen
  • skill balances
  • number of levels reduced to 8
  • improved dungeon generation
  • balanced spells (amber/incandescence more powerful)
  • better contrast for creatures characters
Downloads for windows and linux :

Source code :

I find the concept interesting enough to make me want to work a bit more on it. Things I'd like to improve :
  • less boring boss fight
  • mini-bosses in each level
  • in burst-mode, fireballs should project creatures and destroy walls