Wednesday, March 04, 2009

pyromancer ! power-ups (wip 2)

Now I can choose the power-ups from a list. This does not make much sense because it's supposed to be a scroll... But I think it's important for the gameplay to be able to choose what you want to improve instead of getting random power-ups.

Good news, I finally found the fireball duplication bug which was due to a height/width variable mix in lightmap rendering...

I still have some bugs to fix and a few improvement I want to do on the fireball spell. Hopefully, it will be done tomorrow. Then I'll do some boss & victory screen to make sure the game can be considered as finish for the 7DRL. Anything I'll be able to add after that will be bonus... (mainly new spells or new creatures, maybe more interaction with the dungeon).

Still no download/source code tonight.