Monday, March 02, 2009

pyromancer ! power-ups (wip)

I've done a third of the power-up system, which seems to show that indeed, it may take most of the week to finish it since I can only work on it in the evening... The 7DRL release might be a bit skinny, but I find the concept really interesting and I'll probably keep working on it a bit after the contest.

There are currently two sort of items that are dropped when you kill a monster : health potions and magic scrolls. When read(when you walk on them), they allow you to choose a spell power-up. There are three types of power-ups :
  • spell power-up : increase the power of a spell you already know
  • spell variation : add a new effect to a spell you already know
  • new spell
No new downloads/source code until the power-up system is finished.