Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Skill & tutorial

Ok, another skill with new features for the skill system. This one is the one you should keep for when you run out of stamina in middle of a fight. It increases your defense and allows you to convert the enemies hits into stamina. Hopefully, when the skill ends, you exchanged a few health points against a full stamina bar.
This skill brings two new features to the skill system :
- possibility to trigger events on certain fight events (you're hit, you dodge, ...)
- premature ending of the condition on certain events.

As usual, there are also potions of agility with the same effect.

I started to work on the tutorial. This is not a special level that teach you how to play the game, but tips that appears on screen on certain conditions. They should give you the basi
c knowledge you need to buy and equip stuff, speak with npc, well... anything you need to survive. The interresting thing with the tips is that they use a new cross fading effect when they appear/disappear over the game screen. This is not a real fading because you can only print one character on the console, so in the middle of the effect, you cannot see both characters overlapping. Instead, this is a two-phases fading. It's a hack but it brings some more life to the screen.