Sunday, November 25, 2007


Ok, a new FRENZY condition. This is a more complex condition than the existing ones :
  • you move % faster
  • you gain double stamina
When the condition ends, you lose all stamina.
Here is the associated potion :

and a skill using this condition :

I try to bring a new feature to the skill/condition system each time I add a new skill. There are pretty complex skills in Guild Wars and I have to simplify them a bit when I implement them. For example, the original Battle Rage skill has this feature :
"Battle Rage ends if you use any non-attack skills."
I removed it since I have currently no way to know if a skill is an attack skill or not. Also, since I apply my "micro-step" development method, I don't try to have the most generic skill/condition system each time, but just to have the job done. When I add the battle rage skill, my only goal is to have it working in the game, not being able to add any similar skills. With this method, the code tends to get a bit messy after a few updates, so I have to rework it a bit from time to time, but the method allows me to keep the motivation high. Sometimes, you'd better apply the KISS principle than trying to foresee all possibilities at a time when you don't have enough detachment to do it.

I also improved the potions descriptions, following altefcat's suggestion.