Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hardening libtcod 1.5

Progress is being made on the 1.5 branch. The most used modules have been "hardened", which means they shouldn't trigger crashes anymore :
  • console
  • image
  • sys
  • mersenne
  • noise
  • fov
  • path
As planned, those new modules stop your debugger with asserts while in debug mode when anything is wrong or try to do their best to keep the game from crashing in release mode. Note that with some Mingw32 versions, you may have to put a breakpoint in the _assert function so that the assert doesn't exit the debugger.

The new modules should also be more friendly with language wrappers, the assert displaying an error message on stdout instead of crashing when a bad parameter is send to libtcod.

Note that the python wrapper is not up-to-date on the 1.5 branch. No need to try and use it...

I also updated the noise sample so that it uses the subcell resolution.

There are still things to do until a release, but I thing a big part of the work is done and I can plan a first beta release at the end of May or the begin of June... Maybe even before the 1.4.2 release...!