Saturday, January 10, 2009

libtcod 1.4.1 beta 4 released

This release contains a few fixes in the python wrapper and a new fov module supporting several fov algorithms. Currently, it supports the previous basic raycasting algorithm (named circular raycasting) and a new algorithm recently discussed on r.g.r.d (I called it "diamond raycasting". See this article). While it seems to work, it's still highly unoptimized. It should be much faster in the next release.

[update] Here are a few performance results on my Athlon 64 2800+ :

CIRCULAR FOV time : 0.73648s => 137.139 call/s 7ms/call
DIAMOND FOV time : 12.9762s => 7.78351 call/s 128ms/call

Tests are done with a 600x600 map filled with 5000 random obstacles.
DIAMOND will probably be faster than CIRCULAR in the next release. Until then, use it only for testing purpose...