Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I added some more cool stuff to Arena 0.8 :
  • creatures are pushed away when they die. The smaller creatures go further.
  • corpse bleed for a few seconds. The arena rapidly becomes a blood bath. Warning, this game is M rated :)
  • now the burning condition is visible on the main screen through the creature character color
Some creatures have fancy new skills :
  • the gnoll becomes a gnoll sorcerer who can metamorphose himself into a much stronger "three headed gnoll abherration"...
  • the giant spider can enter gestation and summon a bunch of annoying baby spiders
Arachnophobia : so rats and goblins couldn't tame you ? Maybe spiders will...

This inspired me a new challenge : arachnophobia. In this one, new giant spiders regularly enter the arena. You goal is to survive until the end of the round while keeping the total number of spiders under a certain limit. This is tricky since spiders can immobilize you with their web and quietly go and give birth to lots of baby spiders... You'd better bring a lot of firepower with you...