Wednesday, December 19, 2007

C/C++ libtcod

Some news about the Doryen library. I was about to release it when I thought that it would be very interresting to also have a C interface, not only for C developpers, but a C version of libtcod will allow to easily write wrappers for most languages (for example a Java jar using JNI).

Well I've just finished the first version of this C/C++ library. The core library is in C and there is just a slim C++ wrapper on top of it. Both layers are stored in a single dll. I have now to let it mature a few days before releasing it. The updated specs are now :
C/C++ dynamic library for roguelike development
supported platforms : windows/mingw32, windows/Visual Studio 2005, linux/gcc
main features :
  • lightweight, fast, simple
  • true color console (windowed or fullscreen) with keyboard handling
  • mersenne twister pseudorandom number generator
  • bresenham line drawing toolkit